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thordon bearing inc.

Rudder bearings, prop.shaft bearings, main guide bearings for hydro. There are many applications for Thordon bearings. One thing is certain - they are trouble-free and environmentally friendly.


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Pacflange conveyor units 

Developed for the food processing and production industry, PacFlange is designed to replace the conventional greased roller bearing thereby eliminating grease completely and providing a zero maintenance solution..


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Line and Net Cutter System. 

The propulsion system will have a scissor-type cutter system added to prevent damage to seals, propellers and gearbox.

The system must actively trap and sever lines and nets.

Other features of the system should include:
• Stainless steel, heat treated blades that are at least 0.5" thick and machine sharpened
• Blades that rotate with propeller, cutting in both forward and reverse
• Cuts that occur before a full revolution of the propeller
• Allowance for some axial movement - in either direction
• Easy replacement of all parts, including: blades, faceplates and mounting box

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Repair Yards

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PALFINGER MARINE is the global leading manufacturer of highly reliable, innovative and customized marine, offshore and wind cranes, as well as launch and recovery systems and boats. User-friendly application and functional design are the key benefits of the product range. 


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VAC-Marine, Marine Genset


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