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Spurs Cutters Norway

Norwegian customers can now order Spurs Cutters from our webshop at Fiskeriportalen. Click on following link to visit Fiskeriportalen.

About SPURS® Marine Manufacturing

SPURS® Marine, founded in 1981, designs, manufactures and markets advanced line
and net cutters to protect propulsion systems.  SPURS® uses a unique scissor type technology to ensure against damage to seals, gear box, bearings, shaft and propellers.

To date, over 100,000+ vessels have been fitted with SPURS®. These include super yachts, US Naval and Coast Guard vessels, semi-submersible drilling platforms, pilot boats, cruise ships and all kinds of commercial vessels. 

Since the majority of SPURS® systems are retrofitted, SPURS® also designs and manufactures custom rope guards and shaft spacers (to extend transmission shafts in smaller yachts).

SPURS® systems are manufactured in our computerized machining facility, using strict ISO certified standards. Years of research and testing have resulted in a patented system that is reliable, durable and extremely effective. SPURS® are protected by U.S. and International Patents.

When your vessel absolutely, positively has to be protected - SPURS®. 


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We plan to attend a number of conferences and exhibitions during during the autu...
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